GraceFull in Beloved

Beloved Ministries, an organization in the Golden Isles, ministers to single mothers in the community.

As part of the team, I realized that we needed fundraising, opportunities for income. God continually gave me messages to walk in obedience. It was after returning from Romania in 2015 and spending time with one of my dear Beloved friends, that I realized how great the needs were in the single mom community... financially, emotionally and spiritually.

I knew that the skills that I had as a jewelry artisan could be shared, sales could be made, and supplemental incomes could be provided. Little did I know, the spiritual growth that would take place or the walking in intimacy and relationship with God together.

The scripture that I had been given in Romania (2 Corinthians 2:14) said "spread the fragrance of the knowledge of him EVERYWHERE". Everywhere included my home town where needs were greater than I could imagine. Fair Trade needed to start here. October 1, 2015 GraceFull Goods officially became a non-profit. And since then, 25 ladies have learned skills, earned money, witnessed together, and grown in their own walk with Christ. Following is just a few of their stories.


Meet Marci through her own words...

No one ever sits and dreams as a little girl that they hope to get married, divorced and then their ex pass away. I was tired and scared. I knew it was only by the Grace of God I put my feet on the floor every morning. Life is amazing with Jesus and even more amazing celebrating it with Sisters in Christ.

I asked Jesus awhile back to place women in my life who would get me. I wasn't even sure I got "me". 

I was invited to sit at a kitchen table surround by fear, well- beads, wire, peg boards and rope, it scared me. I just kept thinking fake it till you make it. I listened, watched and tried. I knew in that exact moment Jesus was at that kitchen table because what I created amazed me, all the while surrounded by women of God. I went home and literally dreamed a design. I was so scared to try and explain it the next day, but I was the new girl. Something empowered me to mention my idea. Just throw it out there. I was surrounded with such support and encouragement I even believed I could do it. I made a piece I loved. The very first piece I ever watched someone buy was my piece. I knew at that exact moment Jesus had wrapped his arms around me and I have never felt safer. This was the creation of the "Lord, Have Marci!" bracelet..

"For if you return to the Lord, your brothers and your children will find compassion with their captors and return to this land. For the Lord your God is gracious and merciful and will not turn away his face from you, if you return to him." 2 Chronicles 30:9

Meet Ginger in her own words...

Mine is a story of recovery, divorce and receiving Grace. In 2015 I was served with divorce papers on the grounds of my untreated alcohol abuse. The very next Sunday I heard a little voice say go to church. I had turned my back on Christ for the past 40 years. Three weeks later I entered recovery and through prayers and obedience I began developing a deep a relation with Christ.

In 2016 I started praying for women to be placed in my life that would continue to help me grow even more spiritually. Through Beloved Ministries, God led me to Sharon's table and I knew my prayers were answered. Sitting around her table with my sisters in Christ while sharing life and listening to praise and worship music has given me new hope, strength, and empowerment. As someone in recovery, it truly has given me a chance to get outside my problems and learn even more compassion and love for others.

This has been and continues to be an amazing spiritual awakening! Grace-Filled.


More Stories to Come Soon...